Asparagus Soup



This was a great simple soup since I had some left over asparagus and wasn’t sure what to do with them. I love soft-boiled egg and I think it really gives the soup new character. You could also do chopped up hard boiled egg or creme freche as a garnish.


Asparagus Soup

Serves 3 – 4


1 pounds asparagus

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon unsalted butter

1/2 large or 1 small white onion, thinly sliced

1 large shallot, sliced

1 garlic clove, sliced

Salt and freshly ground pepper


Soft Boiled Eggs




Boil water with a pinch of salt. Cut woody ends of asparagus off and make a bundle with some cheesecloth. Cut rest of asparagus in half. Boil asparagus and bundle for 4 minutes. Take out asparagus and put in a colander with icy water. Discard bundle and reserve 3-4 cups of cooking liquid. Add oil and butter to pot of low heat. Add onion, shallot and garlic, and season with salt and pepper. Cover pot and cook for 15 minutes till onions are translucent but not brown. Pour reserve cooking liquid and bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes. Place asparagus and cook for 5 more minutes. With an immersion blender blend soup. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with croutons, parsley and a soft-boiled egg.


Inspired by Around My French Table


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