Crispy Scallion Potato Pancakes



I made these potato pancakes as a side dish with my steak sandwich along with carrots gremolata. The steak sandwich was just cooked steak with mayo and lettuce on multi-grain bread. As a pretty easy dinner this was all delicious. I normally use the potato pancakes as a side but they would work well as an appetizer too. Two tips to make your potato pancakes delicious is make sure you rinse the shredded potatoes under the sink and squeeze out as much water as possible from them, and  also make sure your oil is nice and hot before you fry them. Enjoy!



Crispy Scallion Potato Pancakes


Serves 4


45 minutes




2 lbs. baking potatoes, washed, peeled, and shredded


4 scallions, finely chopped


1 egg


¼ cup vegetable oil


1 Tbs. flour




Rinse and then squeeze the shredded potatoes dry. In a large bowl, using 2 forks, mix the shredded potatoes with the scallions, egg, flour, salt and pepper. Set nonstick skillet over high heat. Add oil to skillet. Add scoop of potato into skillet and press into think cakes. Cook the cakes till crispy, about 5 minutes per side.

Inspired by The Comfort of Cooking


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